👋🏽 Hi, I'm Preet

I'm an engineer from 🇨🇦, living in San Francisco with my wife and my new born son. I am on Twitter - say Hi!

Photo of Preet

I studied Computer Engineering and Physics at school. I started coding on real-time control systems, then spent six years working on UI automation engines for various native and web platforms, and developing a custom embedded browser. In recent years, I have worked on various startup projects and got sucked into writing code for the web, which I realized I kinda enjoy.

I read a lot, and am always working on multiple fun side-projects at the same time, which has caused me much anguish and joy. My current technical interests are:

🌐 The Open Web
🎇 Graphics
🧠 Decision Engines
👀 Engaging Storytelling
〽️ Alternative UI paradigms

I'm also interested in

📸 Polaroids (have an obscene collection of them)
🎾 Tennis
📚 History

I built this site hoping to nudge myself to write more. I don't think it has quite worked yet. This site was built using Eleventy and the code for this site can be found on Github.